Our Expertise

The best technology solutions aren’t built in a day. They’re built over years of testing, refining, and optimizing.

That’s why at INFRASI, our specialists don’t just know technology- they’ve spent decades in the space.

Whether it’s analyzing the details, optimizing current products for better results, or curating and crafting solutions to problems that don’t even exist yet, we’ve never stopped iterating, and we never will.


We're built on decades of expertise.

Our Founder 

Adedoyin (Doyin) Adewodu is a technologist with over 15 years of experience in the technology industry. He has expertise in enterprise mobility, technology strategy, security, infrastructure, wireless communications and emerging technologies. Doyin holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, Master's in electrical and Computer Engineering from UMD – College Park, and MBA from Cornell University.

Our Results

For over a decade, INFRASI has been the go-to resource for enterprise technology users that want a cutting-edge, reliable solution to industry-specific problems. We’ve been tapped to lead new technology initiatives, bolster technology resources, drive tech strategies, perform hands-on support, and much more. We’re proud to be the only full service technology resource for quality IT infrastructure solutions.


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