Connected Vehicles

There's a better way to connect your vehicles.

Organizations in nearly all sectors today need reliable, uninterrupted LTE and 5G connectivity for vehicles and the individuals and equipment within them. As a Cradlepoint partner, our experts leverage Cradlepoint's NetCloud Service, offered via wireless edge routers, to harness the capabilities of mobile broadband. This enables organizations operating in the field and transit services to link their vehicles and onboard IoT devices to essential applications and cloud services, regardless of their location.

From public transport to police cruisers, we can keep you connected.

Optimized Connectivity for Every Journey

Maintain uninterrupted connectivity by leveraging SD-WAN technology to optimize network traffic across both Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G. This ensures continuous in-vehicle access for employees, guest Wi-Fi, and telemetry data to enhance fleet operations.

Securing Vital Data on the Move

Safeguard essential data with confidence, ensuring the secure transmission and reception of sensitive information, including public safety details, customer data, and payment transactions, through a top-tier wireless solution designed for vehicles.

Simplified Network Management from Anywhere

Streamline network management through a single cloud-based platform, allowing for the configuration, deployment, and oversight of all wireless vehicle routers from any location. Benefit from detailed analytics for insights into cellular, application, and Wi-Fi usage, as well as security measures.

Durable Technology for Mobile Offices

Employ routers specifically designed for mobile environments, acknowledging that vehicles serve as mobile offices in varied locations. Cradlepoint's routers are engineered to endure harsh conditions and support Gigabit-Class LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities.

Unified Network Platform for Mobile and IoT

Consolidate your network management with a unified platform that integrates mobile networks into your organization's broader edge infrastructure. Monitor and control all cellular routers for vehicles, fixed locations, and IoT devices using the same cloud management system.

Adaptable LTE and 5G for Future-Proof Performance

Experience adaptable LTE and 5G performance with Cradlepoint's cutting-edge modems and unique software solutions. These technologies support a broad range of carriers, including national networks for first responders, facilitating the full potential of Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G.

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