Our Packages

Products and services packaged with your growth in mind.

Bolstering your IT ecosystem isn't always as simple as adding or optimizing one product. When you need a comprehensive solution, our packages are designed to get the job done. From IT modernization to managed service solutions that scale with your business needs, INFRASI can curate an answer to even the most complex of problems. Explore our packages below.

Package Offerings

IT Modernization Bundle

When you're ready to modernize the way your business operates, this bundle provides products and support for the essentials and more - including cloud WiFi, enterprise mobility management tools and cloud IAM solutions. Additional add-ons like mobile devices, cellular service plans, and even laptops, tablets and workstations can be added to complete the build.

AR Enablement Bundle

Many of the modern products offered in today's IT ecosystems provide augmented reality options. Our experts can help you make the most out of these options and create additional revenue opportunities through our dedicated AR strategy bundles for revenue creation and operational excellence. We can also provide support and guidance for the implementation of augmented reality solutions through  technical assessments of your current infrastructure, roadmap development and more. Once we've helped you curate the perfect plan to get more out of your technology, we offer add-ons like mobile devices and cellular service plans to keep the ball rolling.

Managed Services + Product Benefits Bundle

When you tap us to manage your one-off or recurring technology needs, you won't just get expert services at affordable costs. You'll also enjoy access to exclusive product benefits through our partner organizations that can range from significant discounts to priority product access, upgraded service options, and more.

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