Digital Ecosystems are far too complex to figure out and benefit from.

That may be true but there is a tool you can use to untangle that complicated web. And that tool is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Yes, AI to the rescue!

But before any rescuing or lack of can happen, let us have a quick stab at defining what a digital ecosystem is first.

A digital ecosystem is the connection between emerging technologies in various digital platforms.

Another way to think of it is a group that is made up of people, companies, data, processes that share the use of digital platforms.

Make no mistake about it, a digital ecosystem is complex. But the use or presence of AI can help make it a little more simple.

AI is most effective when applied to the digital ecosystem that relates to Information Technology (IT).

We can see that AI is in the forefront of the revolution that is taking place in the IT industry.

Evolving technology has rendered physical data centers as almost obsolete. Cloud computing has seen to it that they are no longer needed.

And with AI in the picture, a lot of the usual business tasks and functions are now being automated.

Integrating and embracing AI into the digital ecosystem fold can only make things easier and simpler.

The presence of AI is going to streamline more of the complicated tasks and make them more accessible to more people.
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