Data Analytics to the rescue of your supply chain worries?

Absolutely! And lets us tell you just how it can be managed.

If you are a business then you need to be familiar with the digital world and how it manages data. You have to be if you want to be competitive in today’s shifting markets.

Data Analytics is the science of getting insights from raw sources of information. To make it easier for people to use, the various processes have already been automated.

As for the supply chain, we know how crucial it is in determining whether a business succeeds or fails.

The fact that it is the system used for moving products and services from suppliers to customers makes it indispensable.

Raw materials are transformed into its final version and then delivered to the customer. Any wrong turn in the process could lead to massive loss of production and revenue.

Let’s look at some of the eye-opening ways data analytics can help enhance your supply chain:

Data Analytics help make the move to better and smarter logistics. This will in turn cause improved chain visibility to customers.

Cost fluctuation scan also be managed and reduced by optimizing the sourcing and the materials.

These are basic improvements that can be provided by data analytics. But all of them are important in making sure that supply chain performance is competitive.

Need some help? We’re capable of helping you map out a strategy where you can use data analytics for your supply chain.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) as your business partner?

Well, why not? After all, almost everything is influenced and revolutionized by technology these days.

But the question is if it can have any positive effect on your business at all. With the level of development in AI, the answer is a resounding yes!

The last few years saw a marked increase in the way that AI has advanced its impact in different industries.

AI-based applications are front and center in this industries wide takeover. These apps are aimed at boosting performance and production.

So here are a few of the best uses for AI Apps that have the potential to help your business grow and expand.

1. AI App for Cyber Security Defense

Use AI for going beyond traditional security measures with cyber security defense. The AI will make constant analysis of the network and helps determine what is normal traffic and what is not.

2. AI App for Making Better Business Decisions

Analytics is useful for measuring the data collected from systems and networks used by companies. The large size of the collected data requires the use of applications.

3. AI App for Equipment Management

An application for maintaining schedules will go a long way towards equipment management. The manufacturing sector will benefit a great deal from this.

4. AI App for Operational Excellence

An AI application for increasing efficiency and productivity is a welcome development. It would not just be for maximizing production but operational excellence as well.

INFRASI can help you devise a system that is right for your business and the direction that you want to go in.

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Digital Ecosystems are far too complex to figure out and benefit from.

That may be true but there is a tool you can use to untangle that complicated web. And that tool is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Yes, AI to the rescue!

But before any rescuing or lack of can happen, let us have a quick stab at defining what a digital ecosystem is first.

A digital ecosystem is the connection between emerging technologies in various digital platforms.

Another way to think of it is a group that is made up of people, companies, data, processes that share the use of digital platforms.

Make no mistake about it, a digital ecosystem is complex. But the use or presence of AI can help make it a little more simple.

AI is most effective when applied to the digital ecosystem that relates to Information Technology (IT).

We can see that AI is in the forefront of the revolution that is taking place in the IT industry.

Evolving technology has rendered physical data centers as almost obsolete. Cloud computing has seen to it that they are no longer needed.

And with AI in the picture, a lot of the usual business tasks and functions are now being automated.

Integrating and embracing AI into the digital ecosystem fold can only make things easier and simpler.

The presence of AI is going to streamline more of the complicated tasks and make them more accessible to more people.
If you feel like you need to gain a better understanding of digital ecosystems and how it can help your digital business, then INFRASI can be of help.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having an unprecedented impact on business.

The use of AI is transforming the business landscape and that is not an overstatement. We can say that businesses are finding themselves at a crossroads. For many, there is no turning back.

Companies are realizing that using AI is no longer just an option for them. In fact, it has become critical to their very survival.

Applying AI is having real effects on the following:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Creating innovative new products
  • Cost efficiency
  • Accelerated decision making

While those are all positive impacts, a serious question lingers for businesses. And it deals with the ultimate effect that AI will have on the traditional workforce.

How is it going to affect the people who does those simple and often repetitive tasks?

The answer is that it will not have a negative effect on the workforce. Not at all.

As AI takes over the simpler tasks, the workforce can shift their attention to the more complex jobs of the company.

In the end, the human workforce will tackle the more complex parts of the business. The ones that require more complex and critical thinking will prove to be the most rewarding.

Keeping this in mind, the business landscape is indeed going to be transformed. But it would be in a positive way that can lead to even more jobs for the human workforce.

So the use of AI in business is definitely growing and it will only increase.

INFRASI can help advise you on what digital technology strategy is best for your business. We provide consultation services on what applications and digital products can best help you.

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About to move to the cloud but undecided on which public cloud provider to choose?

Read on as we provide you with this quick guide!

Taking that leap to the cloud is exciting with all the benefits you can reap. First of all is the cost. Who wouldn’t want to reduce IT expenditure?

Then there is the better agility and the absence of the need for any kind of hardware. Plus, your need for IT personnel will be significantly reduced.

All that and more accounts for the high number of cloud users. According to a Vanson Bourne study, the average organization has about 40 percent of their work in the cloud.

Those numbers are only expected to go up.

But moving to the cloud is not as simple as it seems. There are a few issues that you need to look at before you go.

Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing public cloud providers:

  • Services Offered
  • Security
  • Pricing
  • Mobility
  • Support for Exiting Technology
  • Customer Support
  • Innovation
  • Setup Speed
  • Downtime History
  • Strategic Partnerships

The best approach is to look at each public cloud provider that you are considering. And then try to learn if they provide all or most of the factors listed above.

At INFRASI, we offer consultation services to provide you with the best strategy.

This is one of our core services where we implement a personalized approach to your specific problem.

We will come up with answers that are tailored to your needs and make sure that it is the best solution available.

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