1. Cybercrime is the fastest growing branch of crime Long gone are the bank heists of Hollywood films; cybercrime is easier, safer, and more profitable for criminals. Cybercrime usually has one of two goals: the first is to make money, and the second is to make a political or social
The digital economy is forcing a change everywhere. If we look at internal modernization efforts due to digital technologies we are seeing organizations prioritize improved employee user experience. At the same time, they want to control modernization costs. In this blog, we want to look at three areas of the
Digital operations are a strategic initiative that is gaining momentum in most businesses. These operations are based on the consumerization of the enterprise using technologies such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and so forth. The effects of using the modern technology changes the culture around IT operations. It’s
Digital transformation is a concept that has been accepted across many industries. We’ve been following the digital transformation within the automotive industry for a while and we were able to identify 5 trends that we are following.           1. Security Modern vehicles are smart vehicles. They
We are living in a digital world where generating, sharing and using information is usually conducted in an electronic way. Generally, digital technology is described as a type of technology that includes every kind of electronic equipment and apps that rely on information in the shape of a numeric code.