About to move to the cloud but undecided on which public cloud provider to choose? Read on as we provide you with this quick guide! Taking that leap to the cloud is exciting with all the benefits you can reap. First of all is the cost. Who wouldn’t want to

Unified Endpoint Management Explained

Posted by infrasi on February 8, 2019
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A single and unified command point where you can take charge of all your company’s devices? With Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), it is now possible. UEM is an approach that provides single management interface for devices and endpoints such as: Desktop computers Laptops Smartphones Tablets Printers Internet of Things (IoT)
blockchain technology
Thanks to the huge surge in popularity of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has found its way into a broad range of sectors, including banking, healthcare, and even U.S. homeland security. Blockchain has by far made the biggest impact on how we approach cybersecurity, but is it the be-all, end-all of cybersecurity
IT modernization
The demands for today’s IT leaders are not the same as they were for IT leaders of the past. As businesses and economic activity shift to the digital realm, IT leaders must juggle their daily responsibilities with strategizing high-level, forward-thinking digital ambitions. To free up more time for developing big-picture
it modernization digital transformation
IT modernization and digital transformation are two important initiatives happening today in every enterprise. Both will result in lower costs and help IT make a more effective impact on business. The ultimate goals align, but the processes greatly differ; knowing and understanding that difference is crucial for the success of