The demands for today’s IT leaders are not the same as they were for IT leaders of the past. As businesses and economic activity shift to the digital realm, IT leaders must juggle their daily responsibilities with strategizing high-level, forward-thinking digital ambitions. To free up more time for developing big-picture strategies and to achieve a more efficient, profitable business growth across all sectors, most businesses are making IT modernization a top priority. To make complete IT modernization a reality, here five steps that should be your top priorities:

1. Assess Your Existing Infrastructure

Begin by taking inventory of your existing infrastructure: identify your strengths, new demands, and current user experience. Remember to take a close look at security and data storage infrastructure. The widespread use of mobile devices dictates that data should be accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, which opens up the potential for security breaches and quickly reaching data storage capacities.

2. Automate Everything

Phasing out any manual steps is key to IT modernization. Implementing automations and self-service enablements is especially useful for resource provisioning, allocation, and planning, so long as you have clear, pre-defined standards they must meet.

3. Establish Your Goals & Start Monitoring

Your team should know and discuss the goals you want to achieve with IT modernization. Agreeing on the system parameters up front will ensure you can effectively monitor changes and correct any issues that arise.

4. Address Vulnerabilities

Before implementing any new applications, IT leaders should understand the potential vulnerabilities they may be introducing as well. Assess the application’s security processes, data governance, and data lifecycle.

5. Have an Implementation Plan

Have a plan and schedule before you begin implementation and account for time that may be spent troubleshooting. Implementation will inevitably have to come in phases, but you can speed up the process by partnering with the right digital enterprise solution provider. At INFRASI, our digital experts will help you plan for and implement new platforms, applications, and digital products. Contact us today to kickstart your enterprise’s IT modernization.


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